Friday, February 17, 2012

Classroom Mascot... How cute is he?

Meet Spike, our classroom mascot. I first fell in love with the idea of a classroom mascot from Angela Bunyi years ago. I found this particular plush doll from a local teacher store. He's called an UglyDoll. There are so many cute ones out there.  We've had Spike in our classroom for two years now, and my students absolutely love him. For Valentine's Day, Spike received a card from almost all of my students. He reminds us of important events, reteaches important concepts, and always has a kind word. The kids know that I have a terrible memory, so I always forget birthdays...but Spike never does. He's a lifesaver. Did I mention that I teach 5th graders? 

My students aren't too old for dolls, and I bet yours aren't either.

Keep's Friday!


  1. Spike is awesome. I had Buster the puppy on my last prac with Year 3s but I have been trying to think of something cooler with my Year 5 kiddies.

    How sweet that he got cards from the kids.

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

  2. Haha I love it. Then I read you teach 5th grade, and I nearly fell off of my chair laughing. That is just great! I love when big kids who are too cool for anything let it show that they are still just little ones at heart! Have a great school year!

  3. Do you still have the link to the confetti letter for the Kinders? I cannot find the original letter. thank you, Kimberly

  4. How do you attach him to the board? I have plenty of plush animals to choose from and would love to do this for my class meeting with my 2nd graders.